The Family

  • The family

    The modern age  story of La Macinaia begins back in 2000,  when Karel and Mireille De Gucht fell in love with an abandoned property in San Vincenti,  a more than a thousand years old frazione  -municipality – of Gaiole in Chianti one of the five villages,  which together with Radda -, Castellina -, Greve in Chianti and Castelnuovo Berardenga  are the heartland of the Chianti wine producing area. With its magnificent 8th century Romanesque Church,  San Vincenti is a hidden gem nestled in between the gently rolling hills, lush forests and vineyards of Tuscany.

  • La Macinaia, the historical name of the localita – the place  – was a hilltop hamlet where grain and winter rations were originally stocked. When discovered by Mireille and Karel, La Macinaia was an abandoned ruin overgrown by blackberries and nettles, reaching up to the first floor. Enchanting ! Giving homage to its heritage, Mireille and Karel poured their heart and soul into restoring the property. Karel stems from a family of farmers and after a long political and business career, including postings as European Commissioner for Trade and Belgiums’s Foreign Affairs Minister, he decided to try his hand at wine producing,  returning to his roots.

    La Macinaia is a love story of a family for a place and a wine,  for San Vincenti and Chianti Classico Gallo Nero. Mireille and Karel have in the mean time been joined by their two sons, Frederic and Jean-Jacques, who inherited the passion that drove their parents to La Macinaia.



A love story of a family for a place and a wine